15000 bikers pleasantly surprised a boy with cancer

The little boy was extremely happy with the noise and the scene

At the age of 6 Kilian Sass was diagnosed with lymphoma. His family wanted to make the boy’s every day special and happy.

Once they asked the boy what he wanted the most. And Kilian said, he wanted some bikers pass by their house, making some noise.

Kilian’s father was a biker himself. He belonged to a group of 24 other bikers, so it was not that hard to realize his son’s wish. The father posted statement on the Internet, and thousands of volunteers appeared who wanted to help the poor boy.

Very soon, about 15000 bikers appeared near Kilian’s house. The little boy was shocked and extremely happy by the noise and the scene.

The bikers had even chosen a name for their special mission – “Krach für Kilian” (Noise for Kilian).

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