Little boy became famous thanks to his hair

“Big hair is a big responsibility!”

Farouk James Miller is an ordinary little gut from London. He is not from a rich or influential family and doesn’t have any special talents. However, the boy has luxurious hair that all the girls are jealous of.

The boy has two-meter-long stunning curls that attract dozens of clothing brands. They even pay the boy for his “job” on Instagram. The job is that James, or rather his parents, post his photos on Instagram and attract potential buyers.

What a great success!

The parents say that the boy’s hair has become a “golden ticket” both for Farouk and for his family.

Currently, his hair is 60cm in length. Every year before New Year, James’s mother cuts 1 cm from the hair. This helps the hair grow faster and look healthier. Thanks to the boy’s amazing hair, their family now lives prosperously.

“Big hair is a big responsibility”, says James.

The mother claims that the boy was actually born with such hair.

Surely, such hair need special care. Although the boy earns a lot thanks to them, he still finds it difficult to keep them.

Let’s wisj James good luck in his future!

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