Interesting!: Rare okapi in the Oklahoma City Zoo

It would be great if they could roam freely in the wild

Oklahoma City Zoo keeps delighting its visitors with happy news. This time a baby okapi was born in the zoo.

Okapi (forest giraffe, Congolese giraffe or giraffe-zebra) is an artiodactyl mammal that can be found only in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central Africa. One of these rare wild animals was born in the Oklahoma City Zoo.

He was the first male cub of his parents, and the 7th okapi in the zoo. The little animals looks like his mother with his innocent face and his striped hips.

6-year-old Kayin, the mother okapi, is very compassionate and never looks away from her newborn even for a moment. The baby okapi is very strong and has reached the state of development where he should get educated and develop a connection with his mother.

According to the zoo staff, the cub was already standing an hour after his birth. The baby was in a good health condition and weighed 57 pounds. He is quite chubby and healthy!

It is still unclear if these animals will keep living in the zoo or be released into the wild. Nevertheless, it is better for any endangered animal to be kept in a zoo or a shelter for breeding.

Take a look at this adorable baby okapi! He is such a charming boy!

It would be great if they could live in the wild with their species without danger!

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