What this girl looked like before becoming a Barbie doll

They have done everything to make their dreams come true!

No one would expect this girl to completely change her appearance.

Here is  young model from Armenia, whose only dream was to look like a Barbie doll.

Lilith used to look like a ordinary pretty girl with black hair and a good shape. She is a popular model and often appears on TV.

However, she desperately wanted to become a real life Barbie, so she turned to several plastic surgeries.

The model has undergone over 50 surgeries costing around $2 million in total. She also wears blue eye lenses and has forgotten about her former appearance. The woman has even changed her name to Lili Morto.

Lili became famous when she appeared in a TV show. There she met a man who had transformed himself into a real life Ken. This is how Barbie met Ken in real life!

Whatever it is, they have done everything to make their dreams come true!

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