Dog found a newborn left alone in the park

Thanks to this dog a baby’s life was saved

There is a huge amount of interesting stories about dogs. They are heroes that are always ready to help those in need and they deserve our special attention. And this story is about one such heroic dog who saved the life of a newborn baby in the park.

While on a walk with his owner, the dog noticed something strange in the bushes and rushed to see what it was. The owner was also concerned, as he could hear a child’s cry.

They found a newborn baby covered with blankets. The poor baby was crying as the dog approached him. Fortunately, the man immediately contacted the police and they took him to a hospital.

Later that day, the police started a search operation to find the baby’s mother. However, their efforts were in vain. They are still looking for the mother hoping to finally find her one day.

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