Helen Flanagan can be considered a dream girl!

The young mom looks stunning!

Many people know  Helen Flanagan from the film “Coronation Street”. The mom of 3 showed off her abs in a series of photos in a bikini. There’s also a video of her at a luxury spa.

The actress delighted her fans with a series of photos in colorful bikinis from Modaminx.

First she appeared in a neon-pink bikini with jewels on the ties. She made a transition edit showing off all the bikinis she had. After the pink bikini, she appeared in a neon-green one, then a black one and so on.

Helen had her hair in waves and had a light makeup on. The actress asked her fans which color they liked the most. She has also mentioned, that bikinis are must-haves for her.

The bikinis suited the 33-year-old actress perfectly and emphasized her amazing body.

In less than 24 hours, the edit got over 11,000 likes and lots of positive comments from her fans. Model Vogue Williams, Ashley James and other celebs joined her fans and complimented on the stunning actress.

The actress was staying in Cameron House hotel near Loch Lomond with 3 of her children after her breakup with English footballer Scott Sinclair.

The couple started their relationship 13 years ago. In 2015, they had their first child, Matilda. They got engaged in 2018 at Disneyland Paris. Later they had two more children – Charlie and Delilah.

Despite her breakup with her husband, the actress is looking forward to Christmas.

“We will probably spent Christmas holidays at home. I have a new dining room, so I am really excited!”, told the actress in one of her interviews.

“I am the only one that can cheer up my children at Christmas”. The actress admitted that it was difficult for her to combine her work with her personal life and family.

Helen confessed that she had even felt guilty while attending the ITV Palooza interview, saying that she felt a “mum guilt” away from her children.

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