Steven Seagal and his beautiful daughters

All of them are gorgeous and successful

Steven Seagal is a famous actor, director, producer and singer. The man started his acting career 36 years ago, starring in the film “Above the Law”. Three years ago, Seagal received Russian citizenship.

The personal life of the actor is also fascinating and eventful. Steven is now 76 years old and has 7 children (4 daughters and 3 sons).

Ayako Fujitani

The girl is the eldest daughter of Seagal from his first marriage. 43-year-old Ayako is also engaged in the film industry.

Annaliza Seagal

The second daughter of the actor is not a media celebrity and doesn’t like being on the spotlight. Therefore, not much is known about her. Her mother is the famous actress and model Kelly LeBrock, who was Steven’s third wife.

Savannah Seagal

Steven’s youngest daughter is an actress. Her mother was the nanny, who was looking after Steven’s children. As a result of this affair, Steven broke up with his wife and divorced. Savannah lives with her mother. She is an intelligent and successful woman.

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