Man shaved his beard and his wife didn’t recognize him

He hadn’t shaved his beard for 10 years!

Carlos Costa lives in Bournemouth, England. The 40-year-old man hadn’t seen his chin for 10 years because of his beard. He had even forgotten what he used to look like without his facial hair.

He met his wife 7 years ago, and the woman has always known her husband as a man with a well-groomed lush beard.

Carlos is a professional model and works for brands of facial hair care devices.

“Last time I saw my face without the beard was 10 years ago. It has changed a lot! I have gotten old and wanted to know what I look like at 40”, explained Carlos.

Finally, the man decided to shave off his beard completely and surprise his wife. The clueless woman was shocked seeing her husband without the beard. For a moment she didn’t even recognize him. The woman said he looked much younger without facial hair.

“It is so weird! I can even see your lips moving!! I never thought I would one day see how you talk”, exclaimed the wife in complete shock.

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