Mindy Kaling lost weight and looks stunning!

Her changes surprised everyone

Mindy Kaling claimed earlier that her views on working out have changed. Now she can boast the results of her hard workout.

The actress shared some photos of herself looking fit and gorgeous in a white mini-dress.

In the captions of her Instagram post Mindy explained that she used to never wear white and was also worried she would drop food on the dress. She also mentioned, that her stylist took her out of her comfort zone. “I loved it! No red wine stains anywhere!”. Then she added she would try new fashion risks in the coming year.

Mindy looks a little bit uncertain in the dress as she poses for the photo. You may also notice the dramatic change on her appearance, especially her toned legs. She has lost weight and looks stunning.

Her celebrity friends also cheered for her in the comments.

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