Little girl with healthy voluminous hair

Princess Mia with incredible hair

Little girl named Mia became popular on Instagram thanks to her luxurious hair. Many people still cannot believe it’s her natural hair.

Mia Aflalo charms everyone with her beautiful green eyes, sweet smile and voluminous hair. The little beauty even has her personal hairdresser Sagi Dahary. He prepares Mia for photoshoots and filming.

By the way, it was Sagi who helped the girl become famous. As soon as he posted the first few photos of the girl, they went viral. Several fashion groups reposted the photos on social networks.

Not much is known about Mia Aflalo, but her Instagram account already has 47K followers. We only know that the girl lives in Tel Aviv.

There are people who think Mia is wearing a wig in the photos or they are edited. However, Sadi keeps claiming that Mia was born with such luxurious hair.

Mia likes visiting her hairdresser and never cries sitting on the chair. She always keeps smiling and that’s why her hairdresser calls her “Princess Mia”.

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