Bride surprised the groom at their wedding

The bride wanted to make her future husband happy

On their wedding day, Kelly Anne decided to repeat the “clothes trick” with her husband which she used on their first date. The guy needed special devices to “feel” what his wife looked like.

Kelly Ann and Anthony Ferraro first met in 2018.Anthony had just returned from a judo competition in Tokyo. His friend invited him to a beach party. Kelly turned out to be there too.

The two started talking and developed a special bond. Then Anthony asked Kelly out on their first official date. They were watching his documentary. The film was about a guy that was invisible in the sports career. It touched Kelly to the core Later their relationship grew stronger and finally Anthony proposed to Kelly.

Their wedding ceremony was held early in October. It took the bride several months to prepare for the wedding. Kelly wanted the groom to “see” what she looked like. She decided to make a tactile wedding dress with meticulous details and lots of fabric, so that Anthony would be able to “feel” the dress with his fingers.

Kelly asked one of the local wedding salons for help. They made a beautiful dress with delicate chiffon and lace and decorated the dress with a velvet belt.

Walking down the aisle, Kelly whispered to her husband: “Touch the dress!”. Anthony was imagine what the dress of his beloved looked like.

David Gannon, the wedding photographer, managed to capture all the cute and touching moments on camera. Kelly had also wrote a love letter in Braille. She wanted Anthony to know about her endless love.

The wedding ceremony took place in the open air. there was a huge tent with metal columns, and Kelly took care of Anthony’s safety. The metal columns were covered wrapped in bubble wrap to make sure Anthony won’t get hurt if he bumped into them.

Kelly had come up with another interesting idea for the guests. She asked them to attend the ceremony blindfold, so that they could experience everything just like Anthony.

The groom liked the whole ceremony and said he cold never imagine a better celebration. “She had carefully thought out everything to make the wedding affordable to me. Kelly Anne is my best friend. She is my eyes with which I see the world”.

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