Little boy claims that he and his classmate are twins

People adored these two guys for their pure souls!

Britney Tankersley has been married for 12 years and has 3 children with her husband.

Late in October, there was going to be a holiday at school – the day of twins. The children had to find a pupil, who looked like them, and attend the party together in the same clothes.

“My daughter had already found a twin and we were planning their outfit. There is a kindergarten at school, and Miles attends it. I didn’t know they were also planning such a holiday and I didn’t know his classmates or their parents”, told Britney.

Miles told his mother about the holiday only a day before it.

“Suddenly he umped up and said: ‘Oh! I asked Tanner to be my twin and he agreed!’. I didn’t know Tanner, I didn’t know his mom. How was I going to make an outfit for them?

Britney contacted Miles’s teacher, who gave her the name and the phone number of Tanner’s mother. She called her to ask the size of the boy.

She went to a store and bought two identical flannel shirts for the boys. Britney didn’t know what Tanner looked like. But Miles explained, that they are like two copies: they have the same eyes and the same hair.

The net day Britney took Miles to kindergarten and went to work herself. She asked the teacher to send her some photos of the boys. The photos came as a surprise for Britney! She decided to post the photo on Facebook and tell everyone their story.

“Last night, Miles kept claiming that he had found a twin in his class that had the same eyes and the same hair as himself. He was planning to attend the “Day of Twins” with him. Soon the children went to sleep and I went to Walmart to buy them identical clothes. Today, here is the photo I received from their teacher. I was so touched! Obviously, these two are completely different in appearance, but Miles didn’t care about the appearance. Imagine how amazing the world would be if everyone saw their surroundings as these 5-year-old children do!?”.

For Miles, the skin color was not a decisive factor. People adored these two guys for their pure souls. In fact, this is how everyone was supposed to be in this world!

In just a few days, Britney Facebook post got 500,000 likes and 260,000 shares.

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