Sheena Cole (56) shared her beauty secrets

Simple rules to stay young!

Looking at Sheena Cole you might think she is not older than 30. However, she is, in fact, 56 years old!

Sheena managed to keep her appearance young: she preserved her beautiful figure, flawless skin and health. According to her, everyone can achieve this result following a couple of simple rules.

The main secrets of her fresh appearance are basic skin care and a healthy lifestyle. Sheena claims that one of the most important skin care products is the sunscreen, which should be applied daily. It is reliable and protects the skin from harmful UV rays.

“People form different opinions about me based on my looks. When I leave the house in a casual outfit with jeans shorts, and with no makeup, I look much younger”, says Sheena.

Young and fresh appearance also requires hard work. Sheena visits gym three times a week and spend several hours there.

“Even my friends turn to me for advice. To be honest, this is also thanks to my genetics. My parents always look great!”.

These beauty secrets seem quite simple. If you want to look young and beautiful in your 50s and even 60s, you should definitely follow these rules.

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