Man lived in a jungle and at 41 found out about women

Real life Tarzan now leads an active life!

This man spent his whole life in a jungle hiding from other people. He lived by gathering, hunting, and he had never suspected that there might be people of another gender (women) in the world.

Ho Van Lang is now 49 years old. He agreed to move to a small village and live there. However, later he decided to stay away from all kinds of human settlements and live as a primitive man. At that time he was 8 years old. Eventually, after many years, he completely forgot about civilization.

His father raised him as a real life Tarzan. Having no idea about other people and civilization in general, the boy learnt to hunt and understand the jungle. He lived like this for 41 years, until one day a search group found him.

Later it turned out, that his father had never told Ho about the existence of women. So, our Tarzan got really confused when he saw a woman for the first time ever in his life. It took Ho a long time to adapt to the new world represented to him.

Over the past few years, Ho was able to adapt to our world all by himself. Now he leads an active life and is planning to get married.

He is doing just great!

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