Single Mom and Daughter Embrace Simple Living in Tiny House Village

Did you know that more women than men own Tiny Houses? Some think it’s because Tiny Houses are cute and can be customized, which many women like. For single moms like Erin, having an affordable place to live is really important. Erin and her daughter, Paulina, lived in a big apartment in San Diego but wanted a simpler life. They found a Tiny House village in the mountains nearby and decided to move there.

Moving into a Tiny House meant giving up some comforts. Paulina got the bigger bed in the loft, and Erin sleeps in a smaller loft. They use a chair that turns into a bed for sleeping. Erin’s favorite part of the house is the balcony.

They bought a table and chairs set from Amazon that can be folded and moved around. They use it for eating, studying, and watching Netflix on their laptop.

Without a TV, dishwasher, or oven, Erin had to change her routine. She cooks with an air fryer, makes coffee with a pour-over, and shares a small closet with Paulina.

Even though they have to commute 45 minutes to work and school, they’re happy to live in a community close to nature. Paulina loves hiking and birdwatching and dreams of living in the woods when she grows up.

Erin and Paulina live in Tiny House Block, a community with other families. They have bonfires and potlucks and hope to have more activities together in the future.

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