Manny Montana’s wife helps others improve their life

She has dedicated her life to helping others

In July 2022, Retta explained why “Good Girls” closed down after 4 seasons. According to her, there was one person who ruined everything.

Apparently, Montana refused to reduce wages in the 5th season. His unstable relationship with Christina Hendricks was thought to be the main reason for this. Montana himself never touched this topic. However, a lot of his fans started thinking about his personal life and his wife  Adelfa Marr.

Although being the wife of a Hollywood star, Marr leads a private life and avoids being in the center of public attention. On August 3rd, Marr gave birth to their only child.

The woman is a life coach and fights for proper mental health on her Instagram blog. She speaks two languages – English and Spanish, which is her mother tongue. Marr has many hobbies, among them fashion and cooking. Her coaching career is developing very quickly and she is successful in this field. She has over 80K followers on Instagram and writes for publications such as 21ninety.

Marr is also a feminist and fights against racism. Among all her activities, Marr’s greatest achievement was her website bearing her name. Adelfa uses this platform to carry out her life coaching sessions to help people live better.

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