Endangered red wolf with a population of 10

IUCN now classifies this subspecies as extinct

Red wolf is considered one of the most endangered animal species on the planet. As for 2021, there are only 8-10 individuals left in the wild. This species inhabits North Carolina.

In 1980, this species was declared extinct and even now are at the risk of disappearance. Red wolves have characteristic resemblances with gray wolves. They are great creatures but are extinct.

The population of the subspecies has decreased mainly because of human intervention into their habitats.

Experts took the last survivors of the subspecies to natural reserves for breeding in 1980. The program was a success. 7 years later, 8 red wolves returned to North Carolina.

IUCN now classifies this subspecies extinct.

However, there is a hope that this subspecies will survive and even grow in number in the future.

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