Amazing!: Unique natural phenomenon in China

Nature has great secrets that are still uncovered

Have you ever heard about this unique place, where the rock “lays perfectly round eggs” once in every 30 years?

This mysterious cliff is in Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Guizhou province, China. It is called Chan Dan Ya, which literally means “egg-laying cliff”. 

Geologists have been trying to uncover the secret behind the cliff for decades. However, no one has managed to find out the truth so far.

The rock reaches up to 2.7 meters in height. Whenever the rocks gets destroyed, new ones appear in their place.

According to the locals, new stones appear every 30 years. It is a very interesting phenomenon and geologists keep visiting the place to study it.

Studies have shown, that most part of Mount Gandeng consists of solid and dense deposits. There are also limestones in the mountain. These are very soft stones and easy to break.

Over time, new rocks seem to rise to the surface. That is why people say that the cliff is “laying eggs”.

No one has been able to explain why and how the limestone mass, formed during the Cambrian Period, is still preserved.

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