Sibling love: Twin girls were born holding hands

Several years have passed and now the sisters are best friends

Jenna and Gillian became famous around the world on the very first day of their birth. The fact is, the twin sisters were born holding each other’s hands.

Several years have passed and now the sisters are best friends.

You will not see such cases every day. The twins were born in an amniotic bag, which is quite dangerous for twins. Usually, this results in the death of one of the infants.

First of all, everyone was happy that both babies managed to survive. They they got even surprised when they saw the girls holding hands.

“There is some amazing and inexplicable bond between the two of them”. They are always together and when you want to separate them even for a second, they start to weep.

Jenna and Gillian cannot live without each other”, says their mother, Sarah.

The sisters look so similar, that even their parents sometimes confuse them. However, Jackson knows exactly who Jenna is, and who Gillian is. And when his parents are wrong, he is always there to correct them.

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