Woman helped the kitten sitting alone on the sidewalk

Kitten was happy to receive some food

Carmen Weinberg, the president of the Animal Friends Project Inc., was walking along one of the streets in Florida when she notices a small fluffy creature on the sidewalk. She approached the animal and found out it was a small, lonely kitten.

“Dozens of people have noticed this kitten, but no one decided to help”, said Carmen in the news.

The kitten was in a poor health condition and needed immediate help.

When Carmen decided to pick her up, the kitten ran and hid under one of the cars. Then the woman decided to bait a trap with food to gain the trust of the kitten. Soon the kitten smelled the food and got out of the car. She didn’t mind anyone around her, because she had finally found something proper to eat. The poor kitten was suffering from several infections, fleas and parasites.

Now the little creature is happy to have someone by her side that truly cares about her. She clung to Carmen and now doesn’t want to leave her. Carmen named her Estrella and gave her a shelter and a happy life.

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