Sounds exactly like Michael Jackson! 15-year-old boy amazed the judges with his voice!

He left both the audience and the judges completely speechless!

It is really difficult and stressful to perform in front of a big audience and four experienced and tough judges. But this 15-year-old young talent managed to overcome his stage fright and leave everyone in shock with his wonderful performance!

Talented singers do no seek to perform in world-famous singing competitions just to get a chance to compete with other and leave as a winner. They want to show their talent to the whole world. And it is really challenging when you are a 15-year-old guy who has only performed in front of a small audience of family and friends.

Fortunately, Joel Goncalves didn’t give way to stage fright and passed this challenge with flying colors. This was his first public performance. And it was enough to leave both the audience and the judges completely speechless!

You see, the guy forgot to let the judges know that he sounds exactly like Michael Jackson!!

He made the perfect choice of a song for his performance. He chose the song “This Girl Is Mine” by Michael Jackson. Everyone was taken aback by his incredible talent and unearthly beautiful voice!

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