“Was she on a date?”: Angelina Jolie appeared in public in a stunning elegant dress

The dress was just perfect for the beauty!

The recent appearance of one of the most successful and legendary women in the world, Angelina Jolie, left no one indifferent. The iconic actress was spotted in a stunning black dress in New York. The elegant slit made the dress just perfect for the beauty.

Jolie complemented her look with leather boots and a black jacket. The outstanding look of the famous actress caught everyone’s attention. At the same time, a huge wave of discussions formed over her appearance, as many of her fans believed she was all dressed up for a date night.

By the way, the paparazzi spotted the actress leaving a popular vegetarian restaurant. Later it also became known that the actress had ordered dishes of Daniel Hamm.

Apparently, her appearance has impressed thousands of fans and they are still trying to find an answer – whether she was on a date or not.

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