“It was the right thing in terms of humanity”: Gas attendant paid for woman’s fuel and got rewarded with 8 years of salary

His heart told him to do so and he had no intentions

This woman came to a gas station, but it turned out that she had forgotten her card at home. Then one of the attendants expressed willingness to help her and pay for gas.

The man could never imagine, that just by helping a random woman, he might end up receiving a huge amount of money on his account, worth his salary of 8 years – $32,972.94!!

Here is the story!

Monet van Deventer (21) found herself in an awkward situation at a gas station. She couldn’t find her bank card to pay for the gas and figured out she had left it at home. A kind-hearted gas attendant offered his help and paid $6.31 for the gas. He wanted to make sure that the woman gets home safe and wouldn’t run out of gas in the middle of the road. After a while, the woman came back to find the man and return the favor. However, the story doesn’t end with this!

Monet wanted to properly thank the man for his kindness and understanding. The woman organized a crowdfunding for the man. It is a fundraiser, where different people can donate some money to help someone. Her idea was successful and Monet managed to raise $32,972.94. This is worth 8 years of the man’s annual salary.

Surely, the man was really happy for such a surprise. He said he helped the woman, because that is what humans should to to other humans. He had no intentions and it was just what his heart led him to do.

Thanks to his kindness and this woman, the man was able to buy a new house and pay for his children’s education. This story motivated the employers of the gas station and they also started donating money to charitable organizations.

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