“Miss Universe 1965”: The woman who managed to stop the time

The former “Miss Universe” revealed her secrets of beautiful and young appearance

76-year-old Apasra Hongsakula is one of the most prominent people in Thailand. When she was an 18-year-old student, Apasra represented her country at the “Miss Universe” beauty pageant in 1965.

At first, the girl took part in a beauty pageant among students and won the crown. Then she went further and won the title of “Miss Thailand”. After this, she went in for the crown of “Miss Universe”. This was much more serious and the participants had to represent their countries as best as possible.

It is not surprising, that at first the other participants took her for a mentor. Apasra attracted everyone’s attention from the very beginning of the competition. The girl didn’t speak good English and was noticeably shorter than the other participants. She was 1.64 m in height. But her sweet smile and manners made everyone fall in love with her.

The beauty won the competition, which was completely unexpected for her. This made her one of the most remarkable people in her country. She was clever and beautiful, and she enjoyed the patronage of the Royal Family.

Apasra chose the Queen’s cousin as her husband. Before her marriage, Apasra received the honorary position of cultural ambassador in the Ministry of Tourism.

The beauty’s personal life was not as successful as her career. She gave birth to a son from her husband from the royal family. However, several years later they broke up. Then Apasra married for the second time and had another son. But this relationship didn’t last long too. Failures in personal life did not break Apasra Hongsakula down and she kept living her life just as happy as before.

Even today, the woman has a great influence on the society and is still a part of the Royal Family. Currently, she is a successful businesswoman: she owns Raymond Weil Watches brand and a spa salon in Bangkok.

Her sons are adults and have made the woman a grandmother. But few can guess her real age by looking at he appearance. Her slender figure and bright skin make her look much younger.

The former Miss Universe assures that everyone can keep their young appearance and beauty if they stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle. She gets enough sleep, eats healthy food, does workouts and uses the right makeup products.

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