“Mother captured the sweet moment on camera”: Little girl says her first word

She looks so proud of herself!

When a baby is born, everyone in the family start looking forward to her saying her first word and making her first steps. And the parents of this adorable baby girl are not an exception.

Her name is Eela and she said her first word at the age of 11 weeks.

As newborns discover speech and “unlock” a new ability, they start chattering at the speed of light, making all kinds of sounds. Parents should be able to figure out what their gibberish means.

Little Eela can be considered a precocious child, as she developed the ability to utter a full word in just 2 weeks of age. In fact, it was her name she said. Her mother didn’t miss the chance and recorded the adorable moment on a video, which later went viral on the Internet, winning the hearts of millions.

This moment is interesting not only because Eela developed this ability at such a young age, but also because usually the first words of children are “mommy” and “daddy”. Such a young rebel!

Babies start making different sounds when they reach seven weeks, but these sounds are mostly proto-speech. They are close to some words, but do not make any sense. Such sounds are “da-da” or “ba-ba”.

Imagine Eela seeing this video when she grows up! She is a really intelligent child.

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