“They appear malnourished and emaciated”: Photos of horses on social media raise concerns of animal neglect

If the owner cannot afford proper care, they should reach out to a rescue!

Levy County Sheriff’s deputies have been working on the case of photos of exhausted and emaciated horses appearing on social networks since November. Diane Marchand, a horse activist, reported about the horses that appear malnourished. Officials later told that four different deputies were sent to see the horses that are 33 and 37 years old.

“Most people want to see that studly-looking horse running around”, noticed LCSO, Lt. Scott Tummond, “but they’re not going to look in the prime of their life because they aren’t”.

After estimating the living conditions of the horses, the deputies determined that they were being given the proper amount of care. They also mentioned, that the owner of the horses, Chris Caldwell, had brought in a veterinarian.

The deputies said that they have done wellness check on the horses, and it seems they appear that way because of their old age. And Marchand demands the horses to receive a better care.

“I do not believe, that old means skinny. It means proper nutrition and proper care. If the owner cannot afford that, they should reach out to a rescue”, said Marchant.

The horse activist has requested the veterinarian report and is still waiting. She also urges the department to hire an agricultural deputy.

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