“Celebrity Prank Wars”: Kevin Hart announces a series of pranks after viral Nick Cannon clip

The clip sparked some confusion online! 

Comedian Kevin Hart has announced his new TV show called “Celebrity Prank Wars”, following the viral joke about Nick Cannon and the women with whom he has children.

 The show will launch on April 6 with Kevin Hart and Nick Cannon, which will later include other celebrities and their famous friends. During the show, the hosts and their celebrity guests will plan and perpetrate some of the wildest pranks on each other. Then, the co-hosts will chose the winner of the prank wars. Each prank should be more elaborate than the previous one. 


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The project was first teased on Tuesday through an alien clip of a game show featuring Cannon and Hart. The clip was named “Having My Baby with Nick Cannon”. Hart was the host to the “mother of all game shows”. It is a dating game sketch, where Cannon meets several women who want to be the mother of Cannon’s next child.

It’s worth mentioning, that Nick Cannon has 12 children from 6 different women. When asked about his relationships and family life, Cannon is not afraid to mention that such a family makeup cannot be healthy. Nick has also mentioned, that people define family in different ways.

The clip caused a strange confusion online after being released.

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