“Three Years of Transformation”: Woman Converts Vintage Bus into Cozy Tiny Home with Stunning Results

Jessie Lipskin from Asbury Park, New Jersey, always liked living in small spaces. She grew up in a tiny place and learned to keep things organized and live with only what she truly needed, especially sentimental items from her family.

When she discovered the idea of living in a tiny mobile home, she got excited. So, she decided to turn an old bus into a tiny house on wheels. The first step was to get the bus insured and registered as an RV. She found the perfect bus on eBay, a 1966 GMC Commuter Greyhound, and spent three years renovating it.

The bus cost her $7,000, but the total renovation expenses went up to $125,000. Despite the cost, the results were amazing. The bus, now Jessie’s home, is about 400 square feet and has traveled around 100,000 miles. She mentioned that when she steps inside, it feels even bigger than her New York City apartment.

Jessie enjoys doing things herself, but she admitted needing help with the technical parts of the renovation. She said, “I love DIY, but I don’t know much about plumbing, electrical work, and carpentry needed for this project.”

Renovating the bus had its challenges because it’s a moving vehicle. The angles of the bus and slanted windows made it tricky to design the layout and do curved woodworking. Jessie had to account for the movement of the bus, and levels were not helpful because the incline changes depending on the location.

Jessie gave the bus a modern look with a fresh coat of white paint. She removed the seats and sold them to a restaurant, then carefully designed different areas for the bedroom, bathroom, and closets. The kitchen is a highlight, featuring a large counter space, cabinets, and a decent-sized sink and stove. She explained that she chose a specific fridge from Home Depot.

In the bedroom at the back of the bus, there’s a bookshelf and hidden storage. Jessie also added a custom-made bench and made sure there was enough closet space. The bathroom has a unique mahogany wood floor with a draining system for post-shower drying.

However, Jessie faced a big challenge – she couldn’t drive the large bus herself. She learned to drive in her mid-twenties but never learned to drive a stick shift. So, she decided to sell her unique tiny home bus for $149,000. She mentioned making friends who could drive a manual 40-foot bus without power steering.

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