“Celebrities in mashed potatoes!”: Artist creates celebrity portraits from food

The artist has even partnered with some world-famous organizations

Harley Langberg is an artist who creates portraits of people out of food. The man took up this creative and delicious hobby 9 years ago, and started posting his creations on his Instagram account.

Langberg got his inspiration from a food art photography exhibit that he saw 9 years ago in New York. The artist really liked the photos and decided to give it a shot at home. That evening, he picked up some food and created his first work. He posted a photo of it on Facebook.

Since then Harley has created thousands of pieces of food art. The artist has even partnered with some organizations, such as New York Fashion Week. For them he created the portraits of Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld. Everything started escalating from here.

Now Harley even has a web page for his art, and his Instagram account has over 40K followers.

One of his most favorite portraits is Mufasa from “The Lion King” from mashed potatoes and bacon. “That was really fun to create!”, says Harley.  In general, he loves all his works and puts much love into them.

Recently Harley has posted a picture of his daughter, 2-year-old Blake, devouring some of his creations. But the artist doesn’t mind, after all it’s food and the only thing to remain from it are the pictures and the fun moments. He loves that his art makes his followers happy, even a little bit.

Do you like this idea? Can you make some and post in the comments?

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