“Not Fair!”: Push Back Against Tiny Houses for Homeless People Site in San Jose

The project will get thousands of people off the streets

California has developed plans to build around 1200 small houses for homeless people. However, there are some people in San Jose that are against the project.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has stated that the state government is ready to provide 200 houses for San Jose. The city only needs to set up water and power services. San Jose authorities want to locate 100 of the tiny houses at the Cottle VTA station, but a group of people are fighting for the location. 

The resisters noted that they are not against homeless people getting houses, but it is unfair to take the property from thousands of people just to give it to 100 other. 

Matt Mahan, the Mayor of San Jose, said that the project will help to get 1000 people off the streets. For some families, these tiny houses are the first step to a safe and profitable future. 

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