“I Am Alive and Well”: Sam Neil asks his fans not to worry about his health after cancer diagnosis

The actor doesn’t want his fans to worry too much about him

The Jurassic Park actor, 75-year-old Sam Neill has recently opened up about his blood cancer diagnosis (stage 3) in one of his interviews.

The actor posted a candid video and put a caption for his followers. Neill finds it tiresome as all the media is talking about is his disease and health state. “As you can see I am alive and well!”.


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Neill also introduced his fans to his current projects and plans, saying that he is now working on becoming a first-time author. He talked about his book called Did I Ever Tell You This?. And although the book includes cancer, because it is in the center of the context, the actor doesn’t enjoy seeing “that thing” written everywhere next to his name. He concluded his post by asking his fans and followers not to worry too much about his health.

Sam Neill is probably best known for his role in the Jurassic Park as Alan Grant. Another famous film with his participation is The Hunt For Red October, 1990s.

Neill has revealed the news of his diagnosis – a rare form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. He also mentioned that he has to undergo chemotherapy once a month. This is likely to last his whole life.

His book Did I Ever Tell You This? is published on March 21.

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