“Ruining the Fun”: Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky get slammed online for smashing son’s face on cake

Smashing one’s face on birthday cake is accepted in many cultures

Chris Hemsworth is known as a “funny dad”, who makes sure his children have a happy childhood filled with adventures of all kinds. He takes his children to different kinds of sports so that they can experience everything before chosng their career paths. The kids are reallt tough and enjoy their lives, but many people on the Internet consider them victims.

The whole mess started when the actor posted a photo from his son’s birthday celebration, which got a little out of control. Many people, especially in hispanic countries, know well that if they want to stay free of cake pudding, they should stay away from the birthday cake. Chris Hemsworth posted a photo where the family is celebrating the birthday of the twins.

You can also see Elsa Pataky in the photo ramming her son’s face into the cake. A number of Twitter users found this type of celebration wrong and abusive. They really made a scandal out of this centuries-old tradition. However, there are also those who understand the meaning and accept this as a fun way to celebrate one’s biirthday.

Another problem of this tradition is that many children cry when this happens to them no matter in what families they grow up.


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Chris Hemsworth probably started thinkng why a bunch of people have randomly started giving them advice on how to raise their children. The spouses, however, haven’t publicly reacted to the comments and opinions yet.

Chris and Elsa have 3 children together – daughter India, and twin sons Sasha and Tristan. The birthday of the twins was attended by their family only, the five of them. Let’s be honest, they had all the right to feel themselves around each other and do whatever they find fun and rught. Spending quality time with family is the most important thing for the actor, and whatever the followers say means nothing to him.


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What do you think about this celebration and the whole scandal over it?

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