“House of Horrors”: Dozens of animals found in horrific conditions were taken to Northbrook shelter

The little dogs will soon be up for adoption

A house in Northwest Indiana is being described as the “house of horrors”. A distrubing case of animal abuse was uncovered in this house with 43 dogs, and 48 cats. The animals were found living in dirt and filth. People first found out about the animals at the scene of a house fire.

The rescuers managed to disperse the cats to several shelters in the region. Meanwhile, the dogs are not in the care of Northbrook shelters.

The ages of the animals range from 1-2 years. They had no names, no collars, no microchips, but have already been given all of these in the shelters. The rescuers named them after Hollywood A-listers (Katy Perry, Kesha, Michael Jackson, Selena Gomez, etc.).

The shelter noted that up to 30 dogs will be ready for adoption this week. It is still not clear whether the person responsible for such horrible coditions and animal hoarding will be charged or not. The investigation is ongoing.

Those interested in adopting any of these animals, should contact Border Tails Rescue in Northbrook.

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