“She brought everyone to tears!”: Figure skater made a stunning performance to Hallelujah

She had probably practiced hundreds of times before her wonderful performance

Taryn Jurgensen cannot imagine her life withou figure skating. The girl was eagerly waiting for the song to play so that she would step onto the ice. Taryn had made somethign magical for the people present.

Figure skating as a sport has a long and eventful history. People used to skate irregularly on the ice for a rather long time. However, it was not until the 1860s that Jackson Haynes invented this marvelous sport. The man then was named the “father of modern figure skating”.

Taryn felt comfortable on the ice. She had probably practiced hundreds of times before being ready to perform in front of so many strangers. Watch the video and share your opinion in the comments! Did you also get emotional whi;le watching her dance?

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