“Mystery Animal”: Texas park officials stumped by an unknown species on camera

Some social media users say it might be an American badger

Texas wildlife officials were surprised after seeing the photo of an unknown species taken by a park visitor. The visitor took the photo with a game camera used in hunting. The animal was seen in the Rio Grande Valley.

The officials are still trying to identify the mystery creature. “We are scratching our heads!”. Maybe it’s a new species that has escaped for the nearby zoo? Whatever it is, it’s nice to see the animal freely wandering its natural habitat.

The post quickly spread on the Internet. Some people said it might be an American badger. These species is common in North America. Others said it may also be an endangered Jaguarundi.

The park mentioned that American badgers are not usually seen in the valley, but this is also a part of their natural habitat. Nonetheless, officials are still trying to figure out what this creature is!

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