“Wedding surprise”: The first dance of grandparents after 65 years of marriage

The newlyweds invited their grandparents for a first dance

After performing their first dance, the newlyweds invited the groom’s grandparents to the dancefloor. Their surprise dance pleasantly surprised all the guests.

A wedding ceremony is full of traditions and precious moments, and the first dance of the newlyweds is one of the most awaited moments.

However, this couple decided to give their grandparents to have the first dance, as they couldn’t have it on their own wedding day. The dance was captured on camera and shared on social media.

Samantha Estepa is a 22-year-old criminal defense attorney. She married 27-year-old Zachary Graff on April 22, 2022. The couple decided to honor Zachary’s grandparents during their evenind reception.

The guy was, in fact, in mourning after his mother passed away just a few days before their wedding. This is why the elderly couple had to forego the first dance. Shiva is a Jewish custom of mourning for 7 days after a family member passes away. This means, that even if there is a family celebration, the members still cannot dance.

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