“Working on Our Communication Skills”: Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell play with puppets over dinner

The key to a successful relationship is having the will to stay together

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell were seen goofing around with puppets on Instagram while dining out. In the video, which Hawn posted on Wednesday, the couple impersonated their puppets, with Hawn imitating Donald Duck and Russell acting as Goofy. The puppets confronted each other, asking who the other was, while Hawn and Russell remained in character.


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Hawn’s daughter Kate Hudson commented, jokingly saying that her parents taught her everything she knows. The couple has been together since 1983 and revealed in a 2020 PEOPLE interview that there is no secret to their lasting love, except for the desire to be together.

For Hawn, the key to a successful relationship is having the will to stay together, even if it means sacrificing things. She added that the joy and excitement of being with someone and touching their toes at night are priceless feelings. Russell, on the other hand, shared that for them, a marriage certificate wasn’t going to create anything that they didn’t already have.

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