“Targeting Animals”: South Jordan police search for person hitting animals with blow darts

This unfortunate news has alarmed the community

The Daybreak neighborhood is home to a variety of colorful birds that make their habitat around the Oquirrh Lake. However, it has been reported that someone has been targeting these birds with a dart gun. This unfortunate news has alarmed the community, and South Jordan police have begun an investigation to find the culprit responsible for this inhumane act.

This is not the first time that such an incident has happened in Utah. Addison Smith, president of Wasatch Wanderers, recalled a similar incident at Pioneer Park in Brigham City, where animals were also being blow darted. Two animals had passed away as a result of this cruelty.

Daybreak residents reported to the Wasatch Wanderers, a volunteer group that rescues and treats wild, exotic, and farm animals, that an aquatic bird, a coot, had been shot in the foot by a blowdart. With the assistance of some civilians, the group was able to catch the injured bird and transport it to the Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation center in Price. This center is currently the only facility open to take in and treat injured animals, after the one in Ogden was closed down.

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