“People are in shock!”: Huge animal was spotted trapped in tree

They couldn’t how it appeared up there!

It’s not an uncommon sight to come across wildlife near your own doorstep. However, the residents of Reno, Nevada were in for a surprise when they looked up at one of the trees lining their suburban street and discovered a much larger visitor than expected.

It turned out to be a 15-year-old bear who had wandered into the community and, upon realizing she was lost, anxiously climbed up the tree seeking refuge.

When the Nevada Department of Wildlife and the Reno Fire Department arrived at the scene, they quickly realized that the frightened bear would need their assistance to come down from the tree.

“The bear had already been spooked and had taken refuge in the tree,” explained Ashley Sanchez, public information officer for the Nevada Department of Wildlife. “It was evident that the bear wouldn’t be able to come down on its own anytime soon.”

Reno, nestled at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, occasionally attracts bears, especially in the spring when they emerge from their dens and start exploring.

“Bears often follow water sources, such as streams and ditches, into residential areas where they find an abundance of human food,” Sanchez added. “While it’s not common to see bears in this particular neighborhood, there have been previous instances of bear activity.”

The rescuers understood the importance of getting the bear back to her natural habitat swiftly. With the help of a ladder, they approached the bear and tranquilized her to keep her calm. They gently guided her out of the tree and safely caught her using a tarp. Once on the ground, the bear was transported to a shelter where she could recover overnight.

The following day, the bear was relocated to a release site. Rescuers watched with delight as she bounded back into the wilderness, relieved to be back home and undoubtedly grateful that her unexpected journey into suburbia had come to an end.

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