“Not like a toy”: Woman found a box of stuffed animals, but something was strange!

The woman was really surprised!

Brigette Brouillard, the founder of Second Chances Wildlife Center, is no stranger to being in close proximity with various wild animals such as bats, skunks, squirrels, and more, who have found a home at the center.

As an animal expert, Brouillard is accustomed to the behaviors of the center’s residents. However, there are still moments when they manage to surprise her. Recently, a small opossum named Yeti startled Brouillard by climbing into a basket of toys and blending in with the stuffed animals.

“I was genuinely surprised,” Brouillard shared with The Dodo.

Brouillard had witnessed Yeti sneaking into the stuffed animal baskets before. What amazed her this time was that the clever opossum had successfully climbed into a basket positioned much higher than her usual reach.

“It’s common for opossums to take naps in our stuffed animal baskets,” Brouillard explained. “But what surprised me was her ability to get into a basket that was a couple of feet off the ground.”

Now that Yeti has discovered this cozy spot, she has made it clear that she has no intention of leaving anytime soon.

“It has become her go-to spot,” Brouillard said. “It’s soft and comfortable, and she loves it.”

Since the autumn of 2022, Yeti has called Second Chances her home. Being a special needs opossum, she is unable to be reintroduced into the wild. Luckily, she has discovered a lifelong sanctuary at Second Chances, where she will forever remain alongside her cherished stuffed animals, never having to be separated from them.

Brouillard finds herself continually charmed by Yeti’s playful antics and particularly enjoys observing the adorable opossum as she prepares for her naps.

“I absolutely adore how she tucks herself in under her blankets,” Brouillard shared. “Sometimes she completely disappears under them, while other times you can see her little head and arms sticking out, just like a person would be under the covers. Overall, I am thrilled to see her feeling safe and comfortable in her surroundings.”

Within the safety of Second Chances, it is evident that this spirited opossum is living a snug and luxurious life, deserving of all the care and comfort she receives.

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