“So kind and gentle!”: Brad Pitt let his 105-year-old neighbor live in his house for free

This compassionate gesture left fans deeply moved

In 1994, the renowned actor, known for his role in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” purchased a house in Los Feliz, California, with the intention of expanding his estate. However, he soon decided to do something remarkable with the property. Instead of using it for his own purposes, Pitt sold his Hollywood Hills house to C. Peterson, a well-known actress, and used the proceeds to buy the Los Feliz house.

What unfolded next touched the hearts of many. Pitt revealed that he had bought the house for a 90-year-old man who had recently lost his wife. Moved by the man’s situation, Pitt extended an extraordinary offer: he invited the elderly gentleman to live in the house for free until his passing. The act of kindness left Peterson, who happened to be the man’s neighbor, in awe, and she couldn’t help but express her admiration for Pitt’s generosity.

For years, Pitt and his then-wife and six children resided in the house, creating cherished memories within its walls. However, after their divorce, Pitt made the decision to sell the property in 2021 for a substantial sum of around 40 million dollars.

Since then, according to sources close to Pitt, he has relocated to Carmel in Northern California, starting a new chapter in his life. Despite the change, the selfless act of providing a home to the elderly man will forever serve as a testament to Pitt’s compassion and empathy, leaving fans touched by his genuine kindness.

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