“Charity golf tournament”: Celebrities attending the charity golf tournament in Falmouth

Visitors can witness a captivating showcase of talent and sportsmanship

The highly anticipated Drive Fore Kids Celebrity Golf Tournament is scheduled to take place from June 21 to 24. Joining the ranks of numerous other celebrities, Boston Bruins goalie Jeremy Swayman will be showcasing his golfing skills at this thrilling event. The tournament boasts an impressive prize purse of $250,000, with the main goal being to generate funds for a noble cause—the renowned Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital.

During these eventful days, spectators can expect a captivating showcase of talent and sportsmanship as these celebrities come together for a round of golf. The tournament not only offers an exciting sporting spectacle but also serves as a platform to rally support for The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital, which provides vital medical care to children in need.

The Drive Fore Kids Celebrity Golf Tournament aims to make a significant impact by combining the passion for golf with philanthropy. With a generous prize purse and the involvement of prominent figures, this event holds the promise of raising substantial funds for the invaluable work carried out by The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital.

Here is the list of all celebrities attending the tournament:

Rondé Barber

Clay Buchholz

Doug Flutie
Michael Goulian
Blair O’Neal
Jack Wagner

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