“Saving a little life”: Police officer found a newborn baby in the woods

The officer immediately started nursing the abandoned baby

The remarkable and selfless act of Officer Luisa Fernanda Urrea garnered global attention and made headlines.

In Colombia, Edinora Jimenez was in the midst of her orange harvest when she suddenly heard what sounded like the cry of a baby. Startled, Edinora turned towards the source of the sound and was met with an astonishing sight: a deserted infant in the heart of the jungle.

Officer Urrea wasted no time and swiftly arrived at the scene, determined to aid the newborn. The mother, having abandoned the baby, had already departed. The helpless infant was not only starving but still had its umbilical cord attached.

Acting on her maternal instincts, Policewoman Urrea took immediate action.

Being a recent mother herself, the officer began breastfeeding the infant, an act that ultimately saved the baby’s life.

A video capturing Officer Urrea’s heroic act was shared on Facebook, rapidly going viral and spreading worldwide. Countless individuals have praised the policewoman’s courageous endeavors.

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