“I’m Very Much in Love”: Doja Cat Affirms Deep Commitment to Current Relationship

In an exclusive interview for Harper’s BAZAAR’s September 2023 ICONS issue, the 27-year-old rapper shared her newfound sense of self-assurance and contentment within her romantic relationships.

The artist, known by her birth name Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, candidly discussed her personal life, particularly after a recent performance at a comedy club alongside Craig Robinson. She casually mentioned, “It was a low-key affair. I was there with one of my boyfriends.”

“I have a deep affinity for love. Perhaps I’m inclined towards serial dating to some extent,” revealed the songstress behind “Woman.” She continued, “But my current phase of life has led me to a different space. I’m wholeheartedly committed and experiencing love in a novel way.”

“As I’ve grown, my perspective has shifted. The love I have for myself has transformed the way I love others,” she elaborated. “I’m shedding the mantle of an uncertain teenager. I’m embracing my womanhood and stepping into my own.”

While there’s been no official confirmation of their relationship, it’s plausible that the Grammy-winning artist was alluding to her rumored partner, Jeffrey “J” Cyrus. Speculation about Doja Cat’s connection with the musician and online comedian, renowned for his Vine presence and Twitch streams, arose when they were seen together in New York City in November 2022, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Their interactions continued, with the couple dining at New York’s popular spot Carbone in May and displaying affection without reserve during a vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico, in June. Their escapades included cozy moments while jet skiing and tender kisses exchanged aboard a yacht.

In the past, J.Cyrus faced accusations of emotional manipulation and abuse from several of his Twitch followers in 2019 and 2020. Responding to these allegations, he issued a now-deleted apology, admitting to his wrongs and acknowledging the hurt he had caused. “I was heedless, selfish, and profoundly mistaken,” he confessed. “My lapse of judgment was influenced by my position of authority, which I misused. The women I hurt are remarkable individuals who deserve far better.”

When these allegations resurfaced in July 2023, Doja Cat felt compelled to address the situation. She took to social media, responding to the backlash with an unapologetic stance, “I couldn’t care less about your opinions concerning my personal life—never have, never will. Bid farewell to your negativity and misery. Farewell, contemptible individuals! Ha-ha!”

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