“Turning an Airplane into a Home”: Jo Ann Ussery’s Incredible Transformation

People are starting to build homes from things like buses, small houses, and shipping containers because they’re cheaper and can be customized.

But a woman named Jo Ann Ussery did this a long time ago. In 1993, her house in Mississippi got destroyed, and she didn’t have much money.

Her brother-in-law, Bob, who works with airplanes, suggested they live in an old airplane. She liked the idea, and they found a Boeing 727 for $2,000. She called it “Little Trump” because Donald Trump had a similar plane. She spent about $30,000 fixing it up.

To keep it in place, they put it near a lake on her property. Then, she made it into a house. The plane was huge, with three bedrooms, a kitchen, a living area, and even a laundry room.

She turned the cockpit into a fancy bathroom with a big bathtub. She made it feel like you were floating in the air. What’s cool is that she did all the work herself. She lived in it from 1995 to 1999, and then she turned it into a museum.

Unfortunately, while moving it, the plane fell and got destroyed. But we have some amazing pictures to remember it by.

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