Actress Jasmine Cephas Jones Mourns the Loss of Her Father, Actor Ron Cephas Jones

The actress from Hamilton, who is 34 years old, shared that she’s having a hard time accepting that her father passed away earlier this month.

She posted on Instagram, remembering her favorite moments with the late This Is Us actor. She said, “Grief,” and mentioned how she wishes she could call him and hear his voice. She praised him for being a great listener who valued her thoughts and never judged her. She also talked about how he was a wonderful father.

Jasmine, who won an Emmy, said her father provided a safe space for her to be herself. She appreciated that he never made her feel bad about being a woman or dealing with the challenges society can bring.

She shared old photos of her dad holding her as a baby and videos of them singing together. She mentioned how he guided, mentored, laughed, cried, and celebrated with her. She said she loved him dearly, misses him immensely, and will always keep him in her heart.

Her father, Ron, passed away on August 19 at the age of 66 due to a long-standing lung issue.

A statement from his representative confirmed his death and praised his warmth, kindness, and talent. It mentioned his love for the stage and his recent success in the play Clyde’s on Broadway. The statement also highlighted his Emmy-winning role on This Is Us and mentioned that he is survived by his daughter, Jasmine.

After the news, Jasmine posted a simple black-and-white photo of herself resting on her father’s shoulder. Her mother, Kim Lesley, also shared a photo of her and Ron, where he was seen laughing and holding her as they walked together. She affectionately referred to him as “Beloved Ron” with a heart emoji.

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