“Unexpected Photobomb”: Photographer Captures Mysterious Figure on Cavehill Cliff

Gavin Best, a professional photographer, was walking with his friends on Cavehill in Belfast on New Year’s Eve. He didn’t have his fancy camera equipment with him, but the view was so beautiful that he couldn’t resist taking a picture. The photo turned out to be stunning, with great lighting and composition.

When he got home and looked at the photos more closely, he noticed something strange. In an interview with The Mirror, Best explained that there was a tiny dot on the distant cliff in his photo, and it turned out to be a man jumping in the air, probably taking another photo.

Best didn’t notice this at first when he looked at the photos on his phone. It was only a few days later when he was going through the photos on his laptop that he spotted it.

Some people thought this might have been a staged or planned photo, but Best insisted that it wasn’t. He couldn’t even see anyone over there when he took the picture.

The mysterious person in the photo is standing near the edge of the hill, quite far from the camera. This led someone to wonder if the person was trying to jump off the cliff. Best clarified that this couldn’t be the case because there were other people in his other photos from that day.

Apart from sharing the amazing photo, Best also talked about the beauty of the nature on Cavehill in Belfast. He mentioned that it’s a bit of a hike to get up there, but it’s fantastic to have a walk like that so close to the city center.

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