Mother’s Remarkable Response to Discovering Online Breastfeeding Video

Izabele Lomax, a mom from Maryland, got a big surprise when a friend sent her a picture from a video. The video showed a woman breastfeeding her baby in public, and the woman looked just like Izabele.

When Izabele saw the video, she realized someone had recorded her breastfeeding her baby at the beach without covering herself. By that time, the video was all over social media.

After finding out who took the video, Izabele was even more surprised to learn that it was another mom. This woman said she posted the video because she thought it was wrong for Izabele to breastfeed in front of others. She believed it was inappropriate and “sexual,” and her four-year-old son and other kids started asking questions about it.

Izabele was angry and frustrated. She explained that she had noticed the woman and her son passing by, but she had no idea they were recording her. Izabele said the woman could have simply stopped and told her if she wasn’t comfortable with her breastfeeding in public.

“Not only did this woman walk past me many times with her son, she had every chance to talk to me,” Izabele wrote. “If she had time to record me and make fun of me on Facebook, she had time to teach her son that babies are fed this way.”

Many people on social media supported Izabele.

“Who does this woman think she needs to protect?” one person commented. “Kids? It’s easy to explain: ‘That woman is feeding her baby.'”

It’s sad that whether it’s okay to breastfeed in public or not is still a topic of debate. We should all understand that when a baby is hungry, they don’t care if their mom is outside or at home. They just want to eat. The real problem here is not the moms who breastfeed in public but the fact that there aren’t enough places for them to do so comfortably.

Despite all this, some people are still upset when they see a mother and her baby bonding through breastfeeding and ask them to cover up.

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