John Stamos Celebrates 60th Birthday with Groovy ’60s-Themed Party

John Stamos, the actor from Full House, just turned 60. He had a 1960s-themed birthday party, and he shared pictures on Instagram. He said the party was even better than the real ’60s.

The party happened at The Canyon Agoura Hills in California. John’s wife, Caitlin McHugh Stamos, and his 5-year-old son, Billy, were there too. Some of John’s friends from shows like Scream Queens and Glee joined the fun. They all dressed up in ’60s-style clothes.

John wore a colorful ’60s outfit and danced to music from a Beatles tribute band and The Beach Boys. He even got on stage with his wife and son.

John thanked his wife for throwing the party and everyone who performed or came to the party. He said it was a better ’60s party than the real ’60s. He also shared pictures of his cool birthday cake and cupcakes from SusieCakes Bakery.

Three weeks before the big party, John’s wife Caitlin posted a sweet message on Instagram, saying how wise and accomplished he is even at 60.

Some of John’s friends, like Candace Cameron Bure and Dave Coulier from Full House, also sent him birthday wishes. Josh Peck joked that now that John is 60, going to the movies will be cheaper because of the senior discount.

In short, John Stamos had a fantastic ’60s-themed birthday party with friends and family, and he loved it even more than the real ’60s.

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