Martha Stewart Stands Up to Fashion Critics, Says She’s Been Dressing the Same Since She Was 17

The 82-year-old lifestyle expert recently went to a fancy fashion event in New York City. She talked to a newspaper called The New York Post’s Page Six about people criticizing her for how she dresses at her age.

When they asked her about “dressing for your age,” she laughed and said, “Dressing for whose age?”

She mentioned that she’s been dressing the same way since she was 17, and if you look at her pictures on Instagram, she still looks pretty much the same.

She doesn’t think much about how old she is when it comes to fashion. She believes that people are looking even more fabulous as they get older, and she cheers them on.

At the event, she wore a fancy white suit with sequins. It had a jacket with a pretty flower on the shoulder and wide pants. She completed the outfit with shiny open-toe shoes, big hanging earrings, and a tan bag.

A famous designer named Dennis Basso made her sparkly outfit. He got a special award that night, and Martha Stewart presented it to him. She shared the event on her Instagram and said nice things about Dennis Basso and his long career in fashion.

Earlier this year, Martha Stewart was on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, along with other famous people. She thought it was a unique opportunity, even though it would have been even better if it happened 30 years ago.

She said it wasn’t a goal she set for herself, but when they asked her, she thought, “Why not?”

She also said that doing a swimsuit photo shoot was important to her, and she believed it was meaningful for any woman. She thinks it’s good to face challenges, whether they’re about looking good, being smart, or helping others. Standing up to these challenges and doing them is fun and a big accomplishment.

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